My first foreign language was a dead one. In high school I took three years of Latin.

Over the years I have picked up a little Spanish, Italian, and German.


I'm that weird kid in your sixth grade english class who actually enjoyed diagramming sentences. Grammar is the disassembly of language into parts which follow rules in how they are put together to form statements. It is then plain why my engineering/science orientated - oops! - oriented mind enjoys working out grammar in various languages.

The example in the last sentence illustrates one of my pet peeves of today's English usage. In fact I'm sort of a grammar snob (even though my own grammar is not perfect). Some things that irritate me:

  1. The misuse of apostrophe's.
  2. The verbing of nouns, such as "plating food," or worse, combined with prefix, such as de-plane.
  3. Verbs back-formed from their noun derivatives. orientate instead of orient, or worse, interpretate.